HP OMEN – 30L Gaming Desktop – AMD Ryzen 5-Series 3600 – 8GB Memory – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER – 1TB HDD + 256GB SSD – Black

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30L Gaming Desktop – AMD Ryzen 5-Series 3600 – 8GB Memory – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER – 1TB HDD + 256GB SSD

Last updated on December 7, 2021 12:00 am

8 reviews for HP OMEN – 30L Gaming Desktop – AMD Ryzen 5-Series 3600 – 8GB Memory – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER – 1TB HDD + 256GB SSD – Black

4.8 out of 5
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  1. Esuggs1780

    Ordered this after the Cyberpower PC I ordered was DOA. No complaints very happy.
    (Moonlamp not included).

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  2. pcedpr

    I bought this PC for overall tasks like video streaming, office tasks and so on. It is really fast, about 4 times, compared to my other desktop ASUS I5-3750 DDR3 with SSD.

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  3. Michijr

    Switched from ps4/Xbox to pc gaming and I love this thing ! It rocks, handles my games perfectly ! (Rainbow six siege/200fps high settings, warzone 105-110 FPS at med-high settings, Fortnite 250+ FPS)
    Some examples !
    It’s surprisingly quiet ! Game about 5-7 hours a day give or take and it stays quiet the whole time !
    Only thing I’ve done to it was upgrade the ram (comes with 8gig stick) put 16 gigs of ram Corsair vengeance rgb stick 2-8 gig and it’s running amazing ! DO NOTE the motherboard only has 2 slots of ram so upgrade at your own 16 is perfect or go with 32 gb!
    One other thing, I added 1tb of Samsung ssd for faster speeds on my games !
    Will be adding another fan on top for more added air ventilation.
    Other then that, this thing rocks!

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  4. Dimi

    This PC is all you will need. The CPU and GPU are fast, the SSD makes everything boot near-instantly. The HDD has a whole 1 terabyte. The power supply is 500 wats for easy upgrades. The case is gorgeous. My favorite feature is the RGB. It’s awesome! The only thing that I dislike is the RAM it is only 8 GB but it is 3.2 GHz and can be easily upgradeable so it is not a big deal at all.

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  5. Mookinbarbie

    This is a great computer overall, however this is marketed to gamers and a lot of gamers that will pay this kind of money for a computer already have RBG keyboards and mice or are looking to buy them, especially if they are going with a RBG style desktop like this one. I think they could have left out the keyboard and mouse (that are HP brand and not OMEN and not RBG) entirely and just added another 8gb of RAM. Most customers that buy this will end up having to open it up and insert another stick eventually. Also important to note there is only one extra slot for ram and not the usual 4 with a gaming computer. I personally love this computer. The colors are great and I really like how you can personalize all the different aspects (the fan, diamond, and interior can all be different colors.) You can make them static, or have different color effects like blinking, pulsing, wave, ect. The reason I gave this computer 4 stars instead of 5 is that this is my second one. I purchased this when it first came out, so I am hoping that the quirks were worked out in this model. My first one stopped working and would not connect to the screen after a month. Geek Squad sent a new one regardless of it being past the time which was good. Overall, this computer handles live streaming and gaming with a couple of programs and tabs open and does everything I was looking for when purchasing a computer! I highly recommend it (:

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  6. Shannonm

    Product is very nice shipping was nice and easy. The only thing that I have a complaint about is the leasing process I chose to lease this item I did not know that there was a 90 day and a one year contract. I wish I could switch over to the 90 day but I am finding it completely unsuccessful to do that now.

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  7. DeeRedd89

    So far only issue was when fuse get blown it may not turn on so I had to call omen to help it get cut back on which it’s on now thank god I paid too much money for this issue to happen but it is a pc other than that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! Play car Mechanic 2018 and nba 2k20 also roller coaster world and other games it’s VERY SMOOTH I LOVE IT!!!!

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  8. AnneliseV

    My point of view is that of someone who has been gaming on a notebook laptop with integrated graphics, A.K.A. not a gaming computer. I longed for an upgrade so I could actually *see* the characters in my games, or all the details I was missing while running games on low graphics settings. Very satisfied with the HP OMEN 30L!
    PROS: price, upgradability, quality, design, performance, storage, graphics, size, accessibility, many ports and inputs/outputs, accommodates several display types
    CONS: temperature control, fans can get loud (but you can add more fans to reduce the workload!)
    OVERALL: This desktop was so much more of an upgrade than I imagined it would be. The graphics are beautiful. There is plenty of storage space with the SSD and the HDD. There is room for upgrades on pretty much every component, though I’m not 100% sure about the motherboard. The design is very streamlined, and the RGB options are more classic and minimalist (which I love!) as opposed to some of the more flashy prebuilts on the market. It runs well, and I think it is the right choice for someone who is on a tighter gaming budget and doesn’t need “the best” specs. Much more detail below.
    GRAPHICS: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER. Not top of the line, but darn good! A brief example of how well it performs: I play Overwatch on Epic settings (the highest settings the game offers), and it blew my mind with how clear and vivid everything is. The game performs great. Oh, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Looks so good and plays so well!
    COOLING: It comes with a couple of case fans pre-installed with room for more if you want to buy an extra and add it yourself. You may need it, depending on what you use this PC for, because the CPU and GPU do seem to hit kinda high average temperatures while gaming. The fans can get loud and will sometimes make a high-pitched noise when at high power. So, I might invest in an extra fan to combat that.
    CASE: It’s about an inch or so smaller in width than most, if not all, cases I saw when I was thinking of building my own PC. I needed something a little more sleek, and while this is still a big tower, it gives me that bit of extra room I needed. Cable management is just so clean and tidy. There is a little spot at the bottom right with nothing there, so I placed a miniature Funko figure there. 3 LED RGB areas on the case: strip along the top inside, diamond on top front, circle on bottom front. Each one is independently controlled in the OMEN Command Center, and there are a number of effects and colors to choose from.
    MEMORY/RAM: It only has 8GB, which is not a lot if you want to game and stream at the same time or generally multitask with demanding programs. It’s plenty if you just want to play a game and maybe have a web browser or Discord open at the same time as the game. You can expand it up to 32GB, I believe, as it has two memory slots that can accept RAM sticks up to 16GB each. I chose to upgrade the RAM, and it was easy. I purchased the exact model that comes pre-installed, except I chose non-RGB to save a few bucks. The issue with this upgrade is that they will no longer run at the full 3200MHz, defaulting to lower speeds. This can be fixed by overclocking, but that will void the PC’s warranty. I did not want to take that risk, so I’m using this PC just fine with the 16GB RAM at a slightly lower speed (I don’t even know how the speed affects performance… I’m no expert lol). It’s a matter of balance and what you are willing to do.
    MOTHERBOARD: I don’t understand motherboards all that much, but I do know that this one has many options for USB devices and different kinds of displays. It’s HP’s own Moria 3 motherboard and you can find out more info straight from them.
    Bottom line: I almost bought a more expensive desktop with Ryzen 7 and RTX 2060 because I was afraid I wouldn’t be getting the full experience with these lower specs. I was wrong to assume that, and I am glad I chose to buy this one instead. I saved money, and I get to have a powerful PC for my games.

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